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Solutions and explications


Words generated by clicking on the stars in the virtual visits:

  • FARTET: Sant Pere Pescador
  • MARTIN: Figueres
  • AGUILA: Els Aiguamolls
  • NAISH: Windsurf
  • PELUDA: l’Escala
  • MORITO: Gaviota
  • NUTRIA: la Ballena Alegre
  • TRITON: las Dunas
  • MOSCON: Palmeras
  • LUCION: Aquarius

Windsurf: Duplicate photos


Sant Pere Pescador
The puzzle is displayed on entering the correct keyword. The display shows a number of blue dots and one red dot, which is the focus of the puzzle. If one observes an aerial photograph of Sant Pere, for example in Google Maps, one can deduce that the blue dots shown correspond to the swimming pools displayed in the photo. The red dot corresponds to Casa CARAMANY, which is the solution to the puzzle. There is abundant information about the Casa CARAMANY in internet and in the town’s website.
Clue S is WAGNER.

The signpost can be located by using the Google Maps Street View option. In this map link you can see the same signpost as in the puzzle. Just rotate to the left and you will see a large spoon. This is the answer to the puzzle.
Clue F is MONDAY.

Els Aiguamolls
Once you have found all the names in the Word Search (all animals that can be found in the park) you will see a photo of this duck, whose name you have to discover. It’s easy to identify as it’s the mascot of the park.
Clue E is TAURUS.

The series of posters corresponds to the VW (Volkswagen) rallies which are held in Spain every year. There are poster of a similar style from 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Once the crossword is finished a photo of a woman is displayed and the player is asked for her surname. In this case the combination of the crossword clues (molluscs) and the reference to malacology gives the result Matilde Espinosa, who bequeathed her collection of shells to the town.
Clue L is ANNA.

La Gaviota
This answer is arrived at by downloading the PDF file and following the instructions which show the player how to make an origami ‘pajarita’ with numbers on both sides. Following the instructions gives the number 72520569. In the contact page on the camping ground’s website (http://www.lagaviota.com/contacto/) you will see the phone number +34 972 52 05 69.
Clue G is DOLLARS.


La Ballena Alegre
ELEVEN or 11
The picture shows a Christmas card from 2011. In the smaller picture, the Facebook logo appears every 10 seconds and the text of the clue refers to the Facebook page of the camping parks where there is a photo of ballenas trabajadoras (whales at work) and an accompanying text explaining that there are 7 whales in the picture and 4 more which are hidden, giving a total of 11.

Las Dunas
The player drags the mobile barcode (QR) pieces and fits them together maintaining a constant zoom. Then all you need is a mobile barcode reader (for example, http://i-nigma.com/Downloadi-nigmaReader.html) to know that: “Your keyword is the name of the camping park’s mascot”, which can be found just by entering the website.

Las Palmeras
30 or THIRTY
When the player plays “spot the difference” and clicks on the only difference between the two panoramas, the clue ‘17500’ is obtained. The ‘difference’ referred to in the clue is the difference between 17500 and the post code for the camping parks address, 17470.

The route displayed in the picture corresponds to the route taken between pitches 101 and 182 on a map of the camping park. If the player uses the arrow to locate North and sketches out the route, they will be able to add the red numbers (16, 64, 161, 208, 264 and 521) and subtract the green ones (51, 63 and 135), giving an answer of 985.
This number refers to the year in which Pope John XV (in the picture) became Pope, reigning between John XIV and Gregory V (hence the clue). He was Roman, as were most of the Popes at the time, hence the solution.
Hovering the mouse over the photo will provide another clue (JXV), and over the green and red dots in the centre of the map, two more clues, the numbers 135 and 161, which are the pitch numbers.


These 10 clues allow the player to complete the final page. These are the phrases that refer to the mystery personality:

  • The mystery personality and his brother were NAMESAKES
  • His zodiac sign was TAURUS or DRAGON, if you follow the Chinese zodiac.
  • He was born on a WEDNESDAY and died on a MONDAY.
  • He died listening to WAGNER.
  • His sister’s name was ANNA.
  • He was editor of the magazine STUDIUM.
  • He took part in one with Luis (Buñuel, L’AGE D’OR) and also took part in    SPELLBOUND (set design).
  • He liked CHUPA CHUPS (he designed the logo)
  • His protégée was PEKI D’OSLO (Amanda Lear)
  • André (Breton) baptised him with the name (Avida) A. DOLLARS

Solutions in bold, explications in parenthesis.
All these clues should lead the player to the conclusion that the mystery personality is SALVADOR DALÍ. Though it may seem complicated, if you enter all the clues in your browser the solution practically reveals itself of its own accord.

The final puzzle refers to a painting by Dalí which is now in the Museo Thyssen, in Madrid, titled Dream caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening which gives rise to the initials and asterisks in the puzzle: S*PEV*UA*D**U*ADD
The letters to substitute are BFOBAS, the final solution to the game.