Camping LA GAVIOTA camping LAS DUNAS camping LAS PALMERAS camping LA BALLENA ALEGRE camping AQUARIUS els Aiguamolls Sant Pere Pescador L'Escala Windsurf camping AQUARIUS Figueres Final


To begin the game, click on one of the letters of the 10 trails in the photos below (5 camping parks and 5 places of interest). Follow the instructions in order to obtain the information required to discover the mystery personality.

Clicking on the logos in the virtual visits will bring you to the pages where you can enter your answer. Clicking on the logo in the answer pages will bring you to the homepage.
Instructions are provided at the bottom of this page.

You can now see the list of prize winners

Once the competition entry period has finished the game will still work but you won’t be required to register and you won’t be eligible for a prize.


The game will begin on the 15th of May, 2013, and will end on the 15th of June, 2013.

You can now see the list of prize winners

IMPORTANT: The game will continue to be available for purely entertainment purposes and you will be able to follow the trails and check your answers.

You may download the complete TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the game.


Participants must perform a series of tests in order to obtain clues which, when put together, will allow them to discover the identity of a mystery personality. This personality will also be the subject of one final question.


Just like any board game, the game logo can be used to return to the homepage, from which it is possible to access any of the 10 game trails as well as the final question.

Each of the exterior circles has an assigned letter which identifies one of the camping parks, while the inner circles have other letters which refer to places of interest.

- A: Camping Aquarius
- B: Camping La Ballena Alegre
- D: Camping Las Dunas
- G: Camping La Gaviota
- P: Camping Las Palmeras
- E: Parque Natural de els Aiguamolls
- F: Museo Dalí In Figueres
- L: L’Escala
- S: Sant Pere Pescador
- W: World Windsurfing Championship


If you click on a circle you will be directed to the virtual visit of the corresponding place. If you click on any of the photographs at the bottom of the page you will be given the choice of entering the virtual visit or answering the puzzle.

Once you have entered a virtual visit you can directly access the puzzle by clicking on the game logo.
The central pentagon of the logo will bring you to the final page of the game where you can submit your final answer along with your player details.



The virtual (panoramic) visits not only allow you to see the entire area through VR (immersive photography), providing you with the same sensation as the photographer had, it is also an active part of the game.

At the top of the screen you can see the boxes where the letters of the keyword will appear (once you have discovered all of them you will see the entry button for the puzzle), the name of the place (which will disappear after a few seconds) and the entry logo for this particular panorama.
In the sample photo you will see a star hidden among the bushes. When you click on the star you will be given one of the letters of the keyword. There is the same number of stars as there are letters in the keyword and they are of different sizes and colours.



To obtain information about the mystery personality the player should follow the same steps for each of the camping parks and places of interest:

1 - Stars:
First of all you have to find all the stars hidden in the panorama, with the exception of the W panorama (Windsurf Championship), which will be explained later.
Each time you click on a star a letter will appear in one of the boxes at the top of the screen. You will know how many stars there are by the number of boxes.

W (Windsurf Championship):
In this instance you are not required to find stars. When you click on some of the photos you will be given a letter of the keyword. As a hint, we can tell you that the photos that are duplicated are the ones that will provide you with a letter. Only one of each pair of duplicated photos will provide you with a letter, however, the other one will remove the letter if you click on it. Be patient and organise the photos by dragging them over the screen.

2 - Puzzles:
Once you enter the keyword obtained by clicking on the stars, then you may enter the puzzle.
The puzzles are related to the subject of each of the corresponding trails and oblige the player to think, investigate and deduce the answer to the question.
Once you solve the puzzle correctly you will be given a clue about the mystery personality.

3 - Information:
Each of the 10 trails will provide the player with a clue about the mystery personality. While these facts are not well known, they will be corroborated when the player tries to confirm whether or not they have discovered the mystery personality.

The upper part of the screen allows access to the entry menu for the game, the website of the camping parks, or place of interest, and to the virtual visit (the circle with the letter).
In the centre you will see the three phases of the game, with the keyword at the top. When the correct answer is provided the puzzle will be displayed and, once this has been solved, the clue about the mystery personality will be revealed.

You may go to the end of the game at any time by clicking on the central pentagon of the logo displayed on the home screen. The first thing you will see on the final page is a list of ten phrases. The objective is to insert the clues you have obtained to the hidden personality into the phrases in order for them to make sense.

There is also a final puzzle which, like the rest of the puzzles, must be answered. In this case, however, you will not be informed whether your answer is correct or not. You just fill in the field provided along with your personal details then submit them as your solution to the game.

It is established that:

A.- The prize for the first 5 correct answers received to the final secret word will consist of a stay of one week in a bungalow in the Las Palmeras camping parks (first classified), La Ballena Alegre (second classified), Aquarius (third classified), La Gaviota (fourth classified) and Las Dunas (fifth classified).
The winners of these prizes may select any dates during 2014 for their stay. Dates are subject to availability.

B.-A further four prizes will be awarded on the basis of a draw among the winners not included in the first five and will consist of a stay of one week in a bungalow in the Las Dunas, La Gaviota, Aquarius and La Ballena Alegre camping parks, respectively.

C.-A further consolation prize will be awarded on the basis of a draw among the remaining participants, whether or not they have provided the correct answer, and will consist of a stay of one week in the Las Palmeras camping parks.

The B and C prize winners may select any dates during 2014 for their stay, with the exception of the peak season, July and August. Dates are subject to availability.

No participant may claim more than one prize.

You can now see the list of prize winners

In case of doubt please contact us.