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Win fantastic prizes in a treasure hunt especially designed for the Asociación de Campings de Sant Pere Pescador. The aim is to discover the mystery personality.

The game consists of a number of trails through camping parks and places of interest identified by coloured circles with letters like those on the star on the left of your screen. In each of them you will be asked to find a keyword then solve a puzzle in order to obtain a clue that will help you discover the mystery personality.

You can enter any of the trails by clicking on one of the circles on the left. Clicking on the centre pentagon will bring you to the final page.

Make a note of everything as you go. This is the only way to recover your place if you leave the game. You will also need all the information in order to get to the end.

You can now see the list of prize winners

IMPORTANT: The game will continue to be available for purely entertainment purposes and you will be able to follow the trails and check your answers.

If you’re ready, then...

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This game has been especially designed by Imaginarte Juegos for 

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