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Taking for granted that you have made note of the 10 clues you were given when you solved the 10 puzzles, you can now substitute them in the 10 phrases below, thereby providing you with 10 facts that will help you discover the mystery personality.

- The mystery personality and his brother were (clue W).
- His zodiac sign was (clue E) or DRAGON, if you follow Chinese astrology.
- was born on a WEDNESDAY and died on a (clue F).
- He died listening to (clue S).
- His sister’s name was (clue L).
- He was editor of the magazine (clue B).
- He took part in one with Luis and also took part in (clue D).
- He liked (clue A).
- His protégée was (clue P)
- André baptised him with the surname (clue G).

Once you know who the mystery personality is, it won’t be difficult to answer the following question:

In the initials of the words that make up the title of the painting, what letters have we substituted with asterisks?

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